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Hunterdon County Celebrates 300 Years in 2014

2014 was a wonderful year celebrating our 300TH BIRTHDAY. Thank you so much for the overwhelming participation in the many events that took place. We had such a huge success in 2014 we decided to continue our efforts to bring these programs to you for as long as we can.

In 2015 our Hunterdon History and Heritage theme was HUNTERDON'S AGRICULTURAL HERITAGE. We have pretty much wrapped up most of our 2015 events and are now planning 2016's festivities. Municipalities and other special partners have been invited to add their heritage events to our calendar.

2016 we Celebrate Hunterdon's Heritage in 2016 - THE REVOLUTIONARY WAR IN HUNTERDON.

A huge thank you to our incredible sponsors, volunteers and committee members for all of your support.

If you have any questions please email 300info@co.hunterdon.nj.us or call us at 908-788-2030.

  • Open Hearth Cooking & Dining Open Hearth Cooking & Dining Held April 9th at Headquarters Farm in Delaware Township
  • April 9th Event with the Enslows April 9th Event with the Enslows the Enslows will provide colonial entertainment during the kitchen hearth luncheon
  • Flag Day - June 14th Flag Day - June 14th American flag expert, Richard Pierce, will present a powerpoint on the Flags of the American Revolution
  • 18th Century Tavern Signs 18th Century Tavern Signs On November 1st, join Dan and Marty Campanelli for an artist's vision of what the 18th Century Hunterdon Tavern signs might have looked and a history of each tavern.
  • Seeing Double? Seeing Double? County Historian & Author Stephanie Stevens shows 4-H Fair Committee Chair Roger Everitt his photo in her book about Hunterdon's Farm Families "Tillers of the Soil" at this year's Fair.
  • A highlight of 2014's gifts from the Hunterdon Tricentennial Committee to the people of Hunterdon County was the purchase of the Deborah Kugler Signature Quilt from a private collector outside of New Jersey. The quilt was donated to the Hunterdon County Historical Society
  • Tour Hunterdon's Museums Tour Hunterdon's Museums Click image to find out more....
  • Hunterdon's Stone Arch Bridges Hunterdon's Stone Arch Bridges One of the thing that makes rural Hunterdon so picturesque is the amount of Stone Arch Bridges that are found throughout the county. In fact, Hunterdon has more Stone Arch Bridges than any other county in America! See the inventory here and take a drive and find them for yourself!
  • Event Photos Event Photos Take a quick tour of some of the wonderful events held this past year. Feel free to share yours with us by emailing them to us at 300info@co.hunterdon.nj.us
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CLICK on the MAP IMAGE BELOW for a Detailed Presentation on
How the County's Municipal Boundary Lines Have Changed Over the Years.

Hunterdon - Then and Now!!



April 30:  Children's Chat and Play:  A Child's Life in the Days of George Washington and Games of the 18th Century - sorry postponed until this summer - date to be announced
May 17: The Revolutionary War in Pittstown
May 21:
Tour and Luncheon at Washington Crossing State Parks. Postponed until Spetember 10th
June 7: Washington's Crossings and Battles in Hunterdon
June 11: Hunterdon Takes Back Trenton Bus Tour
June 14: 
Flags of the American Revolution

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We Have In Store For 2016!



April 28: Friends of the Red Mill - Spring Luncheon "Meet Abigail Adams as portrayed by Kim Hanley"
May 1: Spinning Wheel Demonstration at the Eversole-Hall House hosted by the Readington Museums
May 15: Tewksbury's Historic Historic Sites and Landmarks Lecture with Township Historian Shaun Van Doren
May 21: A Traditional Afternoon Tea Event at the Joseph Turner House, Union Forge Heritage Association
May 21: Hunterdon Historical Society to Hold A Quilt Turning - a rare look at the Society's Quilt Collection
June 11: League of Historical Socieites Central NJ Meeting - Hosted by Tewksbury Township Historical Society


The Astle-Alpaugh Family Foundation has produced a video about Richard Pierce's flag collection; Richard, an amazing volunteer for lucky historical organizations including the Red Mill, Morven Museum and the 300th, discusses the important history of our great Nation's flag.


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April 14th: 300th Calendar Changes and Additions for April and May
March 1st:
March and April Heritage Events in Hunterdon
February 1st: 300th February and March Events - Revolutionary Talks and Children's Craft all FREE!!!
January 1st: 302nd Fun Fact and Our Big 2016 Calendard Reveal: A Revolutionary Year in Hunterdon!

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